How much does it cost?

Online guidance & advice (for 5 weeks)


Personalised Training Program (for 5 weeks, including online guidance, advice & support)


Face-to-face sessions (call to make bookings)

$35.00 per half hour session

$150.00 for 5 half hour sessions (bought outright)

What kind of results can I expect to get?

You can expect the same results as if your Personal Trainer was right there beside you.

No matter what your goals, as long as you keep working at it, you should have no trouble in reaching your goals.

Remember, your online Personal Trainer is always there to offer you guidance and support along the way.

How does online PT work?

You can sign up to receive online guidance, support & advice via email or live chat.

In addition, we can give you your own personalised exercise program to work on from the comfort of your own home or even at the gym.

Should you require your own exercise program, you will need to complete a Health Questionnaire (which may be required to be signed off by your GP) and also our Health & Fitness Evaluation form which will need to be completed and signed by your GP.

From there, you will send back your completed forms to us along with a series of front-on, side-on and back photographs of yourself.  An exercise program (usually for 5 weeks) will then be developed for you for you to work on at your own pace.

Your Personal Trainer will take into account things like any medical conditions or restrictions you may have (depending on the answers to your Health Questionnaire and Fitness Evaluation form), and what kind of equipment you have at your disposal.

As you work through the program, your Personal Trainer will chat with you via email or live chat about your goals & needs.  Your Personal Trainer will act as your "life coach".

At the end of the 5 week program, your results will be assessed and you can have a new program written for you if you wish to continue.


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